Britain’s Labour Party closes in on May’s lead: Opinion Polls

The Labour Party aims to secure Britain’s access to EU’s lucrative single bloc market.

With Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party shortening the lead that British Prime Minister Theresa May had when she plunged country into elections, May has urged voters to back her if they want Britain to exit the EU.

Last week, having announced her party’s manifesto, which included the unexpected plans to reduce financial support for the elderly, perhaps realising her misstep, May was back to harping her message that she can deliver Brexit.

“The deal we seek will be negotiated by me or Jeremy Corbyn. There will be no time to waste and no time for a new government to find its way,” said May, according to extracts of a speech highlights the divorce talks with the EU, which is scheduled to begin 11 days after the elections.

Surprisingly, May, along with Corbyn had campaigned that Britain remains within the EU.

If Labour has to win more grounds, it has to make its position on Brexit more clear to voters.

Last week, while tearing into May’s Brexit strategy which prioritised immigration control over access to Europe single bloc market, Corbyn pledged instead to focus on protecting jobs and preserve existing living standards while retaining access to EU’s single bloc market.

A few labour voters have criticised Corbyn for not strongly opposing May’s EU exit strategy.

“We need someone representing Britain who is 100 percent committed to the cause,” May will say. “Not someone who is uncertain or unsure, but someone utterly determined to deliver the democratic will of the British people.”

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