Comcast launches XFi, WiFi service

The move is aimed at reducing the churn of customers.

In a strategic development aimed at boosting consumer loyalty and its broadband business, Comcast Corp has launched a new cloud-based service that its users to monitor and control their Wi-Fi usage.

Called XFi, the service is a boon to parent since it allows them to switch off their children’s devices at bedtime.

XFi also comes equipped with an app with users Comcast’s users can troubleshoot issues with their other connection using their website, smartphone or television.

The service can be availed free of cost for the 10 million users of Comcast’s Xfinity Internet customers.

The development comes at a time when consumers have a growing number of devices that connect to the internet using Wi-Fi.

Initial estimated by the Philadelphia-based company expects the average American to have an average of 50 connected devices by 2020.

Many consumers are largely dropping cable packages in favour of broadband connections. According to information available in its filing, as on March 31 2016, Comcast had 24.7 million high-speed Internet customers and 22.5 million video customers.

During a conference call on the company’s earnings, Comcast’s Chief Executive, Brian Roberts had said last month that “we have more broadband customers than we do video, and the rate of that growth is pretty exciting in broadband.”

Comcast’s broadband business grew by 10.1% in the first quarter ended March 31.

Through its XFi service, Comcast is aiming to restrict the number of customer defections, said Chris Satchell, Comcast’s chief product officer, while adding that 50% of customer complaints on internet services are actually about Wi-Fi.

“We want the connectivity in the home to be as good as connectivity to the home,” said Satchell.


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