Amazon opening new R&D centre in Cambridge’s ‘Silicon Fen’

This is welcome news for Britain: despite Brexit it is continuing to be the recipient of funds to create new technologies.

Amazon plans on opening a new centre in Cambridge wherein it plans on deploying scientists and technicians to develop its future technologies, including ones for Alexa, its digital assistant that it currently uses in its Echo speakers.

The new centre can house more than 400 engineers and scientists when it opens this autumn.

The development underscores the growing commitment levels of Amazon in Britain, a country in which it has sunk in $8.3 billion (6.4 billion pounds) since 2010.

The company’s existing centre is in Cambridge’s technology hub which is known as “Silicon Fen”. It is here that it is developing its Prime Air capabilities, said Amazon.

“By the end of this year, we will have more than 1,500 innovation related roles here in Britain, working on everything from machine learning and drone technology to streaming video technology and Amazon Web Services,” said Doug Gurr, Amazon’s country manager for UK.



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