Kim Dotcom of Megaupload fame creates Bitcontent where uploaders can earn money

Current on appealing on extradition charges to the U.S., Kim Dotcom has yet to detail why organisations will upload content through Bitcontent when their existing setup already has paying customers.

Kim Dotcom, New Zealand’s controversial entrepreneur who earlier shot to fame when U.S. law enforcement agencies raided and closed down his site Megaupload for violating copyright law, has now announced that his new internet venture, Bitcontent, will allow users to make money by selling files and stream video content.

The German-born entrepreneur is wanted by U.S. law enforcement for violating copyright and money laundering charges. He is fighting his extradition to the United States.

“You can create a payment for any content that you put on the internet…you can share that with your customers, with the interest community and, boom, you are basically in business and can sell your content,” said Dotcom in the video which he uploaded to YouTube.

In the video he mentioned that eventually Bitcontent would allow businesses, including news organisations, to earn money from their entire websites.

Dotcom did not provide a launch date for Bitcontent. He has also not provided details as to how his newly created company is different from existing Bitcoin operators and how his company will help news organisations to make money beyond their existing subscription-based payment services.

Earlier this year in February, a court in New Zealand ruled that Dotcom could be extradited to the United States to face charges relating to his Megaupload website, which was shutdown following a raid to his Auckland mansion by the FBI.

Dotcome has appealed the court’s decision.

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