Artificial blood can now be mass-produced

Medical companies which can artificially produce blood in large quantities to gain new source of revenue.

With the availability of real blood in shortage, doctors have since long felt the need for having artificial blood.

Although scientists have able to produce red blood cells in a lab, their current technique of prodding stem cells into action net only a minuscule quantity, at best.

British researchers appear to have found a more stable solution: they have developed a technique which can reliably produce an unlimited number of red blood cells.

Apparently, the trick is to create “immortalized” premature red blood cells, which you can culture in significant quantities and thus mass produce artificial blood.

Although currently scientists have used the technique to produce a few litres of blood in the lab, their next big challenge is to commercial the manufacturing process. After all, there is a big difference in producing a few litres in a lab and producing huge volumes for every single hospital in the country.

Although Britain’s National Health Service is planning on a trial for artificial blood later this year, however, it is unlikely that this technique will feature in it.

Mass production of blood is likely to focus on rare blood types that can’t generally be got through donations.

However, since every effort counts, no matter how insignificant it is, it would be great to see hospitals always have a consistent supply of blood, rare or otherwise, so that you needn’t be worried about running out of blood, in a life-or-death situation.

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