Apple’s iOS 11 could feature deep automation built into it

Apple is likely to capitalize on its acquisition of WorkFlow, a automation-enabling app which earlier consumers had to pay for, but is now available for free.

Although the iOS platform has had a number of built-in options to automate tasks for some time now, thanks to Automator and AppleScript, however consumers had turned to third-party apps like IFTTT, which is telling on Apple’s built-in apps.

Apple however prefers that you do not take help from outside. It has now confirmed that it has acquired an app, Workflow, which allows you to easily run run multi-app, multi-step tasks from your iPad or iPhone.

Unlike its other acquisitions, Apple isn’t keen on shutting down Workflow, as of now. The app can still be downloaded from Apple’s store. The only difference is that, after the acquisition, the app is now available for free.

Don’t count on it being free for too long though, since Apple eventually closed HopStop.

Although Neither WorkFlow or Apple has outlined future expectations, there are a number of scenarios which could play out.

On the basic level, Apple could collaborate with Workflow to increase built-in automation for some tasks in iOS: expect to tap just a button to accomplish a number of tasks. This could make sense of iPad users who prefer treating their tablets like a computer.

It could even be beneficial for home automation since it could potentially further streamline control over a large number of appliances.

Given that WWDC is just a few months away, it would be unrealistic to expect Workflow features getting integrated in iOS in the near future. Apple must have, in all probability, settled on the core features of iOS 11, so the addition of any new features will have to wait until later.


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