NY offers $2,000 tax credit for EVs

The rebate program kicks in only after April 1. Before you signed on the dotted line ensure that the EV that you have been eyeballing can avail of the tax credit.

With more than three quarters of the states in the U.S. offer some kind of financial incentive to consumers, the State of New York has finally woken up to green cars and is offering a financial incentive to buy eco-friendly cars.

From April 1 , the state of New York will launch a rebate program which you can avail if you plan on acquiring either plug-in hybrid or an electric car.

If you are scouting the new age car market looking for a deal, this is as good at it gets. If you can afford a car that qualifies for the federal credit, you are looking at nearly ten grand off the sticker price.

This is clearly a last minute offering: the deadline for launching of the program was April 1 and the staff at NY’s Energy Research and Development Authority are still hashing out the details of the rebate.

If everything works out as per plans, the rebate program could be potentially one of the largest of its kind, outside the state of California.

This valued added deal could make the Tesla Model 3, the Chevy Bolt and future EVs just within your reach.

If you are eyeing Tesla’s Model 3, do ensure that that the federal credit will kick in, since it is relatively late for pre-orders.


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