Amazon expands its reach into the call centre business

With this move, we will become even more dependent on Amazon’s web services and cloud based data security. With Amazon S3 facing a rough day, the company will have to do a lot more to convince businesses and consumers that its web services is robust, dependable and secure.

When you are in need of tech support, in the near future Amazon’s Alexa could be the one at the other end of the line.

The call centre business is set to become a $15 billion industry in the next five years and armed with Alexa, Amazon has identified a market which has the potential to be transformed with technology.

The Information has reported that the world’s largest online retailer is working on a commercial version of Alexa that is specifically developed to handle questions from phone calls and text messages.

Amazon Web Services has reportedly codenamed the new software package as “Lily”. It is expected to be formally launched in the middle of this month.

Coded in Lily’s suite of products are Polly and Lex, two AWS developer services that uses the same natural language processing algorithms that power Alexa.

From a caller’s perspective, Lily is designed to be completely self-serviceable. However, companies may still need to hire, or dare we say outsource, for matters that need human intelligence.

Lily will integrate with Salesforce and is scheduled to provide a real-time access to any customer’s call history, so that you, the customer, can skip naviguating through the endless phone menus when you dial up the customer service line the second or third time.

All of this naturally means, we will be more dependent on Amazon Web Services. With AWS facing a rough day today, Amazon will have to convince companies and customers that its cloud-based solutions that be trusted and is rock steady.


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