Motorola launches its next wave of mods

How cool would a gamepad and a printer mod would be for your Motorola smartphone?

Motorola’s mods for its Moto Z lineup got a boost with the company revealing new hardware add-ons for its modular smartphones. The company has also tied up with Amazon’s Alexa for a smartphone mod.

The new wave of products includes a battery extender, a new charging adapter that allows the smartphone to connect to other mods, a mod that allows the mod to be charged separate from the phone, and one that allows wireless charging.

Among the notable mods is one which provides a gamepad, preloaded with games, and is accompanied by four speakers and lights.

Motorola also showcased a mod that takes in 4 different SIM cards, a mini-printer mod that makes physical copies of your chosen selfies.

There is also the wacky robotics platform mod which you can attach to robotic components.

Motorola has yet to disclose release dates and prices, so don’t get too jumpy.

It’s really great to see Motorola fill in its modular platform replete with concept designs.


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