With the Ryzen 7 AMD’s targeting high end CPUs

Expect the desktop Ryzen 7 CPUs to hit the stores on March 2.

Although AMD has largely ceded the processor market to Intel in recent years, however with the launch of its Ryzen 7 desktop CPU line of chips, it could have reason to cheer.

The Ryzen 7 CPU based on the Zen architecture, could be a game changer for AMD since it can handle more instructions per clock cycle: it can do 52% more than a regular CPU thanks to its 14nm manufacturing process.

With the Ryzen 7, AMD has bet big, since this will be its first ever processor that can handle simultaneous multithreading: thus each of its core can handle two code path simultaneously.

With the Ryzen 7 based desktop CPU, AMD is targeting high-end systems while still providing more bang for your buck.

With just $329 you can get a Ryzen 7 1700, which beats Intel’s pricier Core i7 7700K processor in multithreaded benchmark tests. As for the 3.6GHz 1800X, it can just thrash the Intel Core i7 6900K while costing almost half of its price at just $499.

If you are skeptical and are looking for real world tests instead of those which revolve around just the Cinebench R15 benchmark, you will have to wait for the Ryzen 7 CPUs to ship.

Nevertheless, the fact that AMD is being able to compete in the same ballpark as Intel is significant.

AMD’s Ryzen 7 could push Intel to lower its price points for its CPUs.


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