Samsung’s Galaxy S8 can dock to an external keyboard

With its new upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8 could well be used as a makeshift personal computer.

Here’s some good news for the Samsung fan boys: the company’s latest upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8 has graced a few human eyes, however, unfortunately, it was done with the screen off.

Where there is a will, there is a way – photos have now emerged of the Galaxy S8 which show off a fully functional S8, including its home screen.

Samsung’s upcoming flagship has both the Edge sidebars as well as the on-screen navigation keys that mimic the layout of the physical buttons.

Yes, the “back” button is on the right side, by default.

As per the system dump obtained by the Android Police, the S8’s basic outline matches those of the above picture.

Significantly, there is also a reference to a “DeX” dock, which means, Samsung’s next flagship could be transformed into a makeshift PC, just like Microsoft’s Continuum.

Looks like Samsung’s team has really revamped the design of the Galaxy S8 for the better.

Here’s hoping it works out in the real world.


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