Next generation Formula E cars gets a shot in the arm

Expect sleeker, faster, more aerodynamic designs, as well as increased fuel efficiency. The future of electric vehicle technology is decided and tested out here.

In what is a significant development for the all-electric Formula E race series, the competition is all set to make a few slick high-profile moves this season.

VW’s Audi has ditched the dirty polluting fossil-fueled Le Mans races for electric racing and its entry has lent the sport more respect and credibility. And in order to keep the momentum going and the focus on the speed devils, Spark Racing Technologies has unveiled its strategy for the next season’s official Formula E cars.

This season will see the launch of The SRT05e, an upgrade from the Spark Renault SRT01, a first generation Formula E car which was in use in the series’ first four seasons. While earlier drivers had to switch between vehicles mid-race so as to have enough juice to make it to the finish line, thanks to bigger batteries and improvements in battery technology that headache is a thing of the past.

The SRT05e has managed to fit in heavier batteries by offloading some weight from the chassis. As for its increased fuel economy, a more efficient drivetrain and aerodynamics has given it an edge.

As reported by Motorsport, individual teams were shown “even more radical” versions of the concept E racer so now the final version has received some added tweaks before it hits the race track.

It would be interesting to watch Formula E racers zip by sporting logos from Farady Future, BMW, Mercedes Benz and others when they hit the track in 2018-2019.

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