Trump Administration weighs decision to lower standards of vehicle fuel efficiency

Trump’s EPA nominee Scott Pruitt, has made it clear that the Obama-era standards will remain.

Not wanting to meet stringent fuel efficiency standards set in the U.S., car manufacturing companies in the country have shot off a letter to President Donald Trump in the hope that he loosens things up.

Car manufacturers in the U.S., ranging from Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Hyundai, Fiat Chrysler, Honda, VW and Toyota have sent a letter to the U.S. President asking him to lower the high standards set by the Obama administration which locks vehicle fuel efficiency guidelines for the next several years.

In a clear attempt at lowering fuel efficiency standards, the carmakers have cited cost hikes as one of the reasons for loosening their commitments claiming that tougher requirements don’t match public buying habits and will supposedly put “as many a million” up for grabs.

Trump’s EPA nominee, Scott Pruitt, has made it clear that the Obama-era standards will remain, however, the Trump administration has yet to specifically respond to the letter.

If the Trump administration were to give in to this new demand, it would be another feather in Trump’s hat especially since the arguments put forth in the letter fall quite short of making any sense.

It isn’t absolutely clear as to why higher efficiency will lead to a fall in employment, and why fuel efficient vehicles will necessarily will not push companies to perform even better. The demand for more SUVs in the U.S. can be co-related to the glut in the oil market.

Further, all of the above vehicle manufacturers are pushing for greater mainstream adoption of electric vehicles within the next few years. Their action and their letter does not seem to be aligned.


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