Moto Z’s hackathon creating a buzz with its innovative mods

Motorola Moto Z’s modular design holds the potential to be the next smart thing for the mobile platform. A widespread acceptance could hammer down mod prices.

Motorola’s Moto Z was the tool of choice for the company’s latest hackathon in San Francisco. Nerds and geeky entrepreneurs swooped down on the event to take a crack at developing a variety of hardware which turned out to be innovative add-ons.

With many of Moto Z’s mods being perceived as too high-priced and non-essential, competition events such as these show off to a big extent the smartphone’s intriguing potential.

The latest add-ons includes a baby monitor with real-time notifications for things such as room temperature, a color sensor that emit sound for people who are visually impaired and a solar powered battery operator which could be very handy.

Many ideas that came out of the hackathon were health-oriented. A team of high school kids came up with a breath analyser mod dubbed as ModCoholic, the mod will ask if you want to grab a taxi when you are above the legal limit.

Another developer created a mod that allows diabetic patients to check their blood glucose levels.

The event in San Francisco was just the latest in a series of hackathon held across the globe, including in India, New York and Buenos Aires.

The next hackathon is going to be held in Shenzhen, China sometime during the middle of March.

Winning teams from each event will head to Motorola’s headquarters in Chicago to present their ideas to industry leaders, which includes Lenovo Capital, who could then monetize them.

If these hackathons takes off as envisaged by Motorola, the future of the Moto Z’s modular platform could be lucrative and bright since many of these inventions could be bought on store shelves, sometime in the near future.

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