Trump’s attempts to muzzle the scientific community will receive a very public backlash

Apart from the Women’s March, all those who oppose Trump’s attempt to block the flow of the dissipation of scientific knowledge and data will march against Trump’s policies. Access to scientific knowledge and data cannot be allowed to be obfuscated or placed beyond the reach of every citizen of this planet.

As a result of U.S. President Donald Trump’s planned assault on the availability of data and information vis-à-vis the effect and impact of climate change, the Women’s March on Washington is not going to be the only big backlash that Trump will face on his myopic policies.

Coordination is also underway for a Scientists’ March on Washington which would rally all those who believe that scientific facts should play a major and a critical role in determining government policies regardless of political ideologies.

If you don’t like Trump’s policies or his attempts at censoring access to climate change data, or otherwise prevent the flow of scientific knowledge from reaching the masses, this could be the chance that you were looking for to make yourself heard.

With organisers of the protest march meeting up this week, it is likely that the finer points of the protest will be hashed out and where exactly it will take place will be decided.

The big question everyone seems to be asking is just how big is this going be? The Women’s March is estimated to be almost three times the size of Trump’s inauguration, in Washington alone.

A sufficiently large contingent could draw more attention to the issue and prevent it from being swept under the rug by the Trump administration.


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