EPA officials disclose Trump’s plan of pulling climate change data from the EPA’s website

This is despite gag order. Scientists are planning to take their protest to the streets in March.

Despite receiving a gag order, officials from the U.S Environmental Protection Agencies have disclosed to Reuters that their paymasters have instructed them to remove this page from its website.

Meanwhile on the official White House website, a page devoted to climate change is now only accessible in its archives and soon the EPA section could end up with a similar fate.

As of now, the EPA page displays the effects of global warming that scientists have meticulous recorded, including 2016 being the hottest year of our times.

The Trump administration is now planning to do the ostrich act on the issue.

Although Trump has selected Scott Pruitt, a noted sceptic of global warming, to head the EPA he has yet to be confirmed.

Myron Ebell who led the transition told Reuters that “My guess is the web pages will be taken down, but the links and information will be available.”

Although the White House has come out with a politically correct statement saying it is working to “finalize” its online presence, however given Trump’s campaign rhetoric and his promise to eliminate the Climate Action Plan and Waters of the US Rule, it would be fool hardy to expect that access to this info in the future will be anything but easy.

Already a group of scientists concerned about the Trump administration’s ideological agendas is planning to take the streets on March.

Scientists have also worked out a backup plan, fearing the Trump administration’s motive of destroying their crucial data on Climate Change.


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