OLED TVs set to be significantly more economical in 2017

If OLED TVs were nuts, we would be the squirrel in Ice Age. They are within reach at last.

For most of us, OLED TVs have been the stuff of dreams: they offer incredible picture quality at incredibly high price points. In 2017, their sky high prices are likely to gently land.

Their prices have already started their downward descent and this is across models and brands. CES 2017 has heralded the age of LCD TVs getting an upgrade.

Thus, if you are in the market for a 4K TV and have been eyeballing LG’s new W-series, this would be the time to hold your horses a while longer as OLED offerings are likely to flood the market this year.

In fact throughout 2016, the OLED TV market was undergoing change. LG has steadily lowered the price of its models: the B6, its cheapest model which initially had a price tag of $4,000 had halved to $2,000 by October. On Black Friday, LG gave a further nominal discount of $200. Just think about it – a 55” 4K OLED TV for $1,800 – what a steal!

In comparison to their older LCD cousins, OLED TVs offer better contrast ratios, and are significantly thinner.

Although prices haven’t been made available by LG at CES 2017, you can be sure in Spring, when the swarm of OLED TVs will begin hitting the market, you won’t have to sell your kidney for LG’s Picture-On-Glass” technology.

Furthermore, the very fact that Sony is entering into the 4K OLED segment, is likely to drive down prices even more, especially since will be relying on LG panels.

Word of advice, instead of getting sand bagged by TV size, it would be more prudent to look for picture quality instead. After all that’s what discerning shoppers do.


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