Amazon asks FCC permission to test its wireless communication device

Looks like Amazon is gearing up for Prime Air.

According to an application proposal found by Business Insider to the FCC, online retail giant, has a mysterious project, and it has requested the FCC permission to test a wireless communication technology, five months ahead of its research.

Although it appears that Amazon has purposefully kept the language in its application to be very vague, mentioned only that its research involves “prototype equipment and associated software designed to support innovative communications capabilities and functionalities” it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that this application has, most probably, to do with Prime Air.

With ex-NASA astronaut Woodward heading Amazon’s delivery drone flight tests and safety efforts, Business Insider suggest that the possibility of Amazon’s wireless research increases the chance that this could be related to Prime Air, although it also could be for Amazon’s mobile devices.

Amazon will be conducting initial tests indoor at its facilities in Seattle. This will be followed by outdoor tests near its facilities in Kennewick, Washington.

Good luck on getting a glimpse of Amazon’s mysterious prototype device.


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