Belkin’s WeMo brand shows off two devices for your smart home

Belkin’s showcases two products that can inject smart capability into regular electrical/electronic devices.

Belkin is making giant strides so as to cover virtually every aspect of a smart home.

At CES, through its WeMo brand, Belkin has showed off two devices that promises to inject a dose of intelligence to even dumb everyday devices.

The centerpiece of its offering is the WeMo Dimmer.

As you might imagine, it’s not just another dimmer through which you can control the brightness levels of your room. There’s naturally that and a lot more.

To begin it works with any bulb type, and provides the best possible range of light levels without you having to worry about noise or flickering.

The device also comes with a night mode, which is useful since you certainly don’t want to blind yourself.

The switch is also touch sensitive: a long press will allow you to configure the device to switch on and off at a given time, so that your neighbours need not know your vacation schedule.

Expected to ship sometime this spring, the device should harmoniously work with Amazon’s Alexa powered devices, Nest thermostats, IFTTT and Google Home.

Belkin’s other offering is a smrt plug which allows you to control any device that is attached to the smart plug that consumes electricity. With this smart plug, you can allow now use them to respond to the time of the day as well as for scheduling purposes.

If you want a light to be turned on at sunset, or a fan to be started when you hit the bed, thanks to the device, you can make that happen.

Supporting the same ecosystem as that of the dimmer switch, expect it to be available for $35 dollars, later this month.


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