Tesla next-gen “V3” Superchargers could key to its overall success

It could significantly reduce charging time through “flash-charging”.

Although Tesla’s Superchargers are way faster than most public EV stations, they are however still slower than what most consumers hope for: they take 40 minutes to give you an 80% charge so you can’t really grab and go as you would in a regular gas station.

However, despair not. Elon Musk has heard your prayers. Tesla has teasingly released info in what is likely to be a third-generation supercharger, which could potentially supply much more power than the current generation 150kW per car that is available today.

Even the rumour of a 350kW charger, that is doing the rounds in the grapevine and which was floated by Fred Lambert from Electrek, is according to Musk, like a “children’s toy”.

Naturally Musk isn’t divulging any specifics. So, it’s not clear how quickly the new charging stations will arrive and whether it’ll be compatible with existing Tesla cars.

As mentioned by Autoblog, Geneva, Switzerland, plans on deploying buses that uses 600kW “flash-charging” to keep running without significantly interrupting their schedules.

In fact, even longer charges, of say 4-5 minutes should be long enough for you to give you a decent range.

If Tesla has got that technology under its belt, it could significantly speed up charging time and could be comparable to an old-fashioned gas station.

A dramatic improvement would go a long way in making electric vehicles the norm for public use. Consumers could refill the charge of their cars on their impulses rather than plan and map out their trip.

Also, as noted by Musk, the roll out of the “V3” stations and the Powerwall 2 will be key components in Tesla’s overall strategy of energy costs and reducing its footprint on the environment.


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