Sling TV inadvertently spills the beans on its upcoming media player

Don’t be surprised if Dish launches AirTV at CES this January. Its media player converges the features of an over-the-air TV tuner device with that of a device with which you can watch Netflix. With it you don’t need to switch apps or devices to watch the latest happenings and your favourite TV show.

For those of you who are determined to leave satellite and cable TV behind,

Sling TV’s upcoming media hub could be the thing for you.

Turns out Sling TV inadvertently spilled the beans on its media hub. Discovered briefly by Zatz Not Funny on a landing site for the AirTV Player, its now lucidly clear that Sling / Dish’s upcoming media hub will revolve around a home screen that merges OTA TV tuning not only with Sling TV but with Netflix as well.

The best part of the deal is that you don’t even have to jump between apps or devices to watch the latest incidents covered in the news and the latest season of Vikings.

Since this is going to be an Android device, its highly likely that other online services will accompany it as well.

Given the fact that this has been inadvertently discovered, the question of how much the AirTV player is going to cost you or when you can snag one, does not arrive yet.

However, given the fact that tends to have a major presence in trade shows, its very likely that you could see it launched at CES in January 2017.

If there is no substantial hike in its pricing, it could be a sweet deal.

Until now, consumers have typically needed a separate over-the-air TV tuner device, for local live news, and a separate device for Netflix.

AirTV however dispenses the need for two devices since its media player converges both features into one.

With this device it’s pretty clear that Dish wants you to stay away from the likes of DirectTV and PlayStation View and instead focus on its smart home media player.


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