Rogers to launch IPTV service in Canada

It will be based on Comcast’s X1 platform and will launch sometime in 2018. However in 2017, it will provide its customers with 4K video features including 4K DVR facilities.

In a strategic posturing, Comcast has taken care to present its X1 setup as a “platform” and not simply as a cable box. It’s now capitalising on it by licensing the tech for use as an internet TV service.

From 2018, Canadian service provider Rogers will roll out its IPTV service which will have gigabit internet capability and will base itself on the X1 platform.

As yet there’s no mention whether it will include the Netflix app.

However, before that happens, as a stop gap option, Rogers has stated customers will be provided 4K video options and 4K DVR facilities in 2017.


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