Squatting on Superchargers will attract $0.40 per minute – Tesla

If only all Tesla models could drive themselves away once they are juiced up.

With the increase in the number of Tesla models on the road, car owners are using the superchargers, located nationwide, and are leaving their cars plugged-in, despite them being fully charged up.

Thus, the supercharger network is getting quickly clogged up despite the number of superchargers available nationwide.

Since not all of Tesla cars are quite ready to drive themselves away once they are juiced up, Tesla is putting the onus of the responsibility on the car owners themselves.

Once the car’s batteries are full, the car owner receives a notification from the Tesla app. To mitigate this problem, Tesla has come up with a solution: having received the notification, car owners will have to move the vehicle within 5 minutes failing which it will attract a $0.40 fee per minute for idle time. This fee is applicable across the U.S. and Canada. Customers will be billed in their next visit to a service centre.

Although Tesla’s superchargers are quick, they obviously aren’t as fast as filling up gas at a station.

As per Tesla’s FAQ, the fee will apply even if there are open slots at the Supercharger.

Since this issue is due to the inattentiveness rather than any intentional ill will, perhaps a better messaging system and a nag free fee could be a better incentive to get attention.


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