Amazon delivers its first package delivery through a drone

Intensively tested in its secret labs in Cambridge, UK, Amazon drone delivery service will further push the retailers and shippers in streamlining their operations.

Having waited patiently for three long years for Amazon to reveal its bold plan of delivering packages through drones, the world’s largest online retailer has done what many had thought is a futuristic dream.

Amazon has successfully completed the world’s first delivery of package through a drone. On December 7, Amazon completed this drone-powered delivery in England.

Taking off from a custom built fulfillment centre, the drone took 13 minutes to deliver the order.

Although Amazon has disclosed that currently it is only servicing a few customers in the area, it will soon open more than a dozen such centres near the Cambridge fulfillment center.

This centre has been customized to handle drone deliveries.

Once an order has been placed, it is packaged and loaded into the drone, which is sent out on a motorized track. Having taken off, the drone flies at a height of up to 400 feet to make the delivery and then returns to the facility.

Amazon has now revealed that it is operating a lab in the Cambridge area. This was earlier a secret. The facility has been extensively used to launch its Prime Air program.

Amazon has now plans of launching drone deliveries in countries such as Britain, Austria, U.S and Israel.

Since rainy, snowy and icy conditions is not conducive to drone operations, Amazon will fly them only during clear skies and only during daylight hours.

More information on Amazon’s drones can be accessed at its FAQ page.

Although were still some distance away before drone deliveries become common, Amazon’s drone delivery system has made some amazing progress.

Amazon has stated “one day, seeing Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road.”


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