BMW’s 550i help the police catch a car thief

Today’s hi-tech cars have huge advantageous. The thief found out first-hand the capabilities of BMW 550i.

It turns out electric cars will not help our environment but they can also be used to house dim witted thieves.

In the Seattle-area, the owner of a BMW 550i lodged a complained with the police stating that the car was stolen from his parking garage.

Tech savvy police were quick to remotely lock the doors of the luxury sedan who was sleeping inside and had kept the motor running. When it dawned on the thief that the cops were zeroing in on him, he tried to drive away. Luckily the chase was short and the police trapped him in his cabin.

As you might imagine, this isn’t a common occurrence. The thief managed to steal the vehicle only because the friend who had borrowed the 500i had left a key fob inside. Also, it’s not common for thieves to sleep inside the vehicle they have stolen and keep the engine on. I guess, the owner of the 550i got a lucky break.

Nevertheless, this is an example of how easy it is to swipe a car in today’s world and how the police can remotely locate, zero in, and lock the vehicle.


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