“Geohot” releases code for the Comma.ai self-driving technology

A commendable opensource effort, the code can be used by any developer anywhere in the world to learn and understand the code that drives the underlying technology of self-driving cars.

Although “Geohot” George Hotz’s Comma One, semi-autonomous driving add-on, did not work as per plan, the underlying technology however is likely to see the light of day.

The Comma.ai team has now published the source code of both, the NEO robotics platform and the Openpilot self-driving technology.

To maximize the use of this source code you will however need the hardware for which it was written. But anyone who can program can customize the code for their own projects.

While its unlikely that you will see homebrew self-driving cars emerging out of this opensource effort, it will not be surprising to see some of this technology filtering down to commercial projects.


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