Tesla’s incremental software upgrade to Model S & Model X to roll by mid-December

Don’t expect complete autonomy. The keywords here are incremental upgrades.

Tesla will soon upgrade its Model S and Model X cars with enhanced Autopilot support. So in case you were wondering when will that kick in – the mystery is over. Elon Musk has tweeted that new Model S owners will receive Enhanced Autopilot update in “about three weeks” (starting from of November 26).

Expect it in sometime in mid-December. It is a nice holiday gift giving gesture by Tesla. Don’t expect too much though.

Tesla’s had earlier stated that its plan was to gradually inch forward towards full autonomy through “monthly releases.” This update is in line with that strategy.

Expect features such as upgraded Autosteering, which will benefit from the extra cameras fitted in the newer cars and Smart Summon, which will not be limited to just moving the car in a straight line.

These cool features aren’t really much, if you have spent a small fortune on your car, but if you hold on to your patience a little while longer, the rewards could be satisfying.

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