Mobile shopping touches $1.2 billion in Black Friday sales

For the first time, shoppers took to their smartphones to snag exclusively deals from retailers such as, Amazon, Walmart and Target.

If you shopped on your smartphone during this holiday shopping season, it turns out, you are one among those trend setter who have increasingly adopted their smartphones for their shopping spree.

According to Adobe, mobile shopping, which includes tablets, was responsible for $1.2 online sales on Black Friday. In fact, this is the first time that the figure has crossed this milestone.

Although, this practice is yet to be widely adopted since this figure represents only 36% of this year’s $3.34 billion shopping frenzy, it still however is a 33% rise from last year’s shopping extravaganza.

However, mobile shoppers outweighed their personal computer counterparts in terms of viewing, which saw of surge of 55%. This translates to people ony checking their smartphones for deals, but actually buying them through PCs. They are perhaps doing this, since that is more secure?

So what did Americans buy? In terms of tech, they splurged on Samsung 4K TVs, iPads, MacBooks, Xbox One, and the LG TV.

Adobe’s data aligns with that reported by retailers. As usual, Amazon is shying away from disclosing its gutsy sales figures, however it did disclose that order from mobiles topped on Thanksgiving Day.

Target reported that more than 60% of its record-setting online sales came through smartphones; as for Walmart, it has reported that more than 70% of its traffic came from mobile devices.

You should know that these figures have a reason to be there: they have been sparked by offers from these retail giants. Amazon, Walmart and Target had offered exclusive discounts and perks such as early access, if you were to shop through your smartphone.

The message is lucid: if you are in retail business, ignore the mobile crowd at your peril.


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