You can master low light photography with Sony’s A99 II

It would be smart to snag it on a deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

While for many clicking pictures is just a hobby, for a few, it is more than just that: it is a way of life.

Twenty years back, in the days of the dinosaurs, by just placing a faster film in an analog camera, you could boost low-light performance, on the other hand, it is not so simple now.

While digital cameras have their forte, and offer a flexibility that couldn’t even be dreamt two decades ago, it has taken them a while to reach an impressive level of performance that a simple act of changing a film could do.

And now, they have surpassed even that. ISO performance of new cameras offer an impressive amount of performance in near pitch-black conditions.

Case in point: armed with Sony’s new A99 II, YouTuber Bramansde showed off the camera’s ability by just boosting its ISO levels: he has managed to record a crystal clear image in a room that was lit by just 2 candles.

Close that jaw and click this link, if you don’t believe me.


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