Tesla’s Powerpacks and solar panels run an entire island

In a demonstration of its technological capabilities, Tesla has showcased solar as a viable option. We need not always depend on fossil fuel.

Not one to waste time, having completed the acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla has jumped onto the bandwagon to display the merits of the merger.

It has now revealed that the entire island of Ta’u (in American Samoa) is being run on a solar energy micro-grid. Equipped with just 1.4 megawatts of microgrid, solar energy can provide “nearly 100 percent” of all the electrical needs of the island.

What is at play here is not just the 5,328 solar panels but also 60 of Tesla’s Powerpacks, which can store 6 megawatt-hours of energy.

Although Ta’u is typically very sunny, Tesla’s Powerpacks will not run out of juice even if there no sunlight for 3 days. It wouldn’t matter it there was a power cut of a cloudy day.

This practical demonstration has both immediate benefits and has a positive long term impact on the environment.

Before Tesla provided the island with its innovations, like most remote communities, Ta’u electrical demand used to be met by diesel generators. This would mean that it would need 300 gallons of diesel per day. This is neither cheap not environmentally friendly.

Going solar has not only eliminated this cost but also the effort of having to buy and ship diesel every day. More importantly, solar is a more viable and reliable form of energy.

While earlier, locals had to ration their electrical requirements, now thanks to Tesla’s solar ingenuity they have power throughout the day.

However, Tesla’s critics may point out that Ta’u could be an ideal case. With just 600 residents on the island, their power needs are relatively moderate.

It would be more complex to accommodate the needs of a city, for example, their cloudy days are a commonplace. Nevertheless, this is an excellent example of Tesla’s technological genius.

With Tesla’s stated aim to wean the world of its gas guzzling need for fossil fuels, this is one shining example that going solar has immense benefits and is a very realistic option for every nook and corner around the world.

Check this video for more details.

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