Nike opens shop in SoHo:NY

The store is laden with tech making shoe shopping a memorable experience.

If you are in Big Apple, do make sure to visit SoHo: it’s one of the trendiest neighbourhoods around. Home to some of the biggest brands in the world, including Adidas and Apple, last month even Google put down roots there.

Not one to fall behind, Nike has now decided to open a giant 55,000 square feet store loaded with technologies including, a Kinect powered basketball court and 3D-printed decorations.

The store has simple and yet handy features, such as support for Apple Pay, in case you want to just buy products there and then. Its walls are supported by large touchscreens which help you select products on the spot.

Although the tech displayed in the store is pretty jaw dropping, but Sean Madden, Nike’s senior director of service and experiences from its direct-to-consumer division says, the tech isn’t was designed to be the main attraction in the store.

They were incorporated in the store design only to personalize, customize and make the shopping experience more wholesome and complete. Case in point: the Kinect sensors in the hoop not only capture every inch of your body in those huge displays in front, but also invite you try on shoes, which is the whole point of the store.

It’s all designed to entice you into trying out and buying new wares. No one’s complaining: there’s a reason Nike shoes sell themselves.


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