Garmin launches fitness watches with Beacon security

Beacon allows users to send their location on a map to a trusted few in realtime through text messages.

So as to provide consumers with that extra sense of security, Garmin has launched its fitness trackers which are equipped with Beacon, a safety feature from Strava which allows users to send their location to friends and family in realtime, when they are out for a jog, or have gone out hiking or biking.

Strava is a social networking app built for athletes. It launched its premium Beacon service in August this year.

As of today, Beacon users can share data among each other as well as with those who use Garmin LiveTrack.

The following Garmin devices are compatible with this service: the Forerunner 230, 235, 630, 735XT, Edge 520, 820, 1000, Edge Explore 820 and Fenix 3.

The Beacon service allows members to send them location on realtime basis, on maps via text messages. The people you send the locations to need not have Strava or have Beacon membership.

Strava anonymizes the data from Beacon and sells it to planning groups, including the government, who are interested in running, walking, and biking around towns and cities.

Beacon users can opt-out of the tracking, naturally.


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