Vespa to launch electric scooter in mid-2017

Expect chic designs and them being IoT enabled. Don’t be surprised if you could locate them with a click on Google Maps.

If you are in the market for an electric scooter, and want a more recognizable brand, Vespa, an Italian brand, has decided to catch up with the times by unveiling an electric version of the scooter.

The electric version, will have the same styling and maneuverability of the classic version, claims Vespa. However, the newer variant will be more cost effective and more eco-friendly.

Describing the new all electric scooter, Vespa has also said there will be “innovative connectivity solutions,” without clarifying what exactly that entails. This could mean that the scooter will be IoT compatible.

Dubbed as the Elettrica, Vespa’s new model should be available for launch in the second half of 2017. Vespa has yet to provide a pricing.

With electric cars costlier by several thousand dollar from their gas-guzzling cousins, it is very likely that the Elettrica’s price spectrum could follow the same pattern.

Given its brand image, Vespa should have little trouble charging a premium especially when its offerings are fitted with cutting edge technologies.


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