Deutsche Telekom set to launch anti-drone system later this year

The technology could keep prying eyes away from airports, stadiums, areas where car manufacturing companies test drive their yet-to-be-launched vehicles.

With the popularity of drones gaining further ground, Anti-drone defense systems are set to become big business.

Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile’s parent company, has stated it is in the process of developing an anti-drone defense system, which it’s likely to launch later this year. Although it’s keeping its cards close to its chest, it offered tidbits of information saying, its Anti-drone system could be widely adopted by airports, and such venues where drones are unwelcome and outright dangerous.

Automotive companies are also likely to queue up for this product, since they are rather annoyed at journalists and competitors snapping aerial photos of their pre-production offerings.

Welt has reported siting anonymous sources, Deutsche Telekom’s anti-drone system makes use of several technologies from different companies, including those from U.S. based Dedrone.

Dedrone’s system can identify drones from over a mile away using a variety of gadgets, including ultrasound, frequency scanners, audio sensors and cameras.

The interesting part will be to figure out, how to catch drones that enter a forbidden airspace. Germany does not allow the taking down of drones that trespass air spaces, which means potential clients could resort to other less lethal methods such as signal jamming, which is likely to force the drone to return home.

If Deutsche Telekom succeeds in its efforts, it could spur wide adoption of anti-drone systems, both in Germany and abroad. A defense system from a big name could be just the thing that companies and governments will want when they are unsure of how to protect themselves from these aerial invaders of privacy.

Similarly, Deutsche Telekom’s success could also spur more security companies to offer anti-drone measures.

Soon, anti-drone tech is likely to be, yet another source of revenue.

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