Motorola needs a thriving Moto Mods marketplace

The idea of a modular smartphone is brilliant. Motorola needs to incentivize developers to create compelling mods.

The idea of a modular smartphone certainly holds lots of promise. However, for it to become a reality, Motorola has realized that it needs a bustling ecosystem for its Moto Mods market.

After the launch of its modular smartphone, the Moto Z, we have only seen a handful of accessories, including the Hasselblad camera attachment.

There is very little buzz. So as to make a din, Motorola has teamed up with Indiegogo and Verizon for a new developer competition. Its idea is essentially very simple – create the best Moto Mod in the market.

If your work impresses the Moto team, you will receive an invitation to a hackathon and will be encouraged to setup a crowdfunding campaign. Finalists will be allowed to pitch their wares at Motorola’s headquarters in Chicago for “a shot at funding” and distribution in Verizon stores.

This is not the first time, Motorola will try to jump-start the developer community, last summer it launched its Moto Mods Development Kit (MDK) in the US followed by Europe, China. In September it did the same in South America and last month it did so in Canada.

Clearly, the Motorola needs to get its Moto Mods market up and buzzing so that its flagship standouts.

The idea itself has tremendous potential. The Moto Z is one of the simplest and cleanest execution of the modular smartphone to date. However, it is crucial that the standard lifts off lest its specs sheet be soon outdated. However to succeed, Motorola will need compelling Moto Mods. The faster it goes about doing this the better. Our attention span is rather limited.


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