Intel targets data centres and the emerging IoT market with its two new chips

With the PC market in decline, IoT and data centres are back in focus.

While Qualcomm, the early bird, was quick to recognise the emerging IoT market and saturated it with its chipsets, Intel, was slow to catch on and tended to play catch up with Qualcomm.

However, a declining PC market has made it take drastic measures and in April it cut 12,000 jobs and refocused its efforts on data centres and on IoT, which together made up 40% of its revenues last year.

In line with that strategy, Intel announced today two new lines of Atom processors, the A3900 for smart auto apps and the E3900 series for connected devices and wearables.

The latter will be its workhorse for IoT applications across industries. The processor has the capability to prioritize which processes it will perform itself and which to push to the data center, a strategy known in computer circles as fog computing.

The E3900 series will be equipped with quad core processors running upto 2.5 ghz. They can manage graphics on three screens at once. While the A3900 series is dedicated for IoT and can be used by industries, including, automotive, for in-car infotainment to digital instrument clusters to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

The processor will be available only after the first quarter of 2017.

As per its press release, Intel is already working with IoT device creators and software vendors such as Neusoft, Delphi, FAW, and Hikvision.

Although the new processor is clearly equipped to be versatile in a broad range of industries, Intel is also boosting its product library and client base with acquisitions.

While in September 2015, Intel acquired Movidius, yesterday it announced that its processors will power Hikvision’s upcoming line of AI-equipped security cameras.


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