Apple sues Mobile Star LLC for selling fake chargers and lightning bolt cables on Amazon

Much to its surprise, Apple discovered that 90% of the chargers it bought from Amazon were fake.

If you have bought an Apple charger from Amazon, its 99% likely that they are fake.

Apple has now filed a suit against Mobile Star LLC for manufacturing fake Apple cables and Apple chargers and passing them off on Amazon as genuine.

According to Patently Apple, over the course of nine months, Apple has purchased and tested more than 100 chargers and Lightning cables which were marked as “Fulfilled by Amazon”, 90% of the chargers were fake.

Although its common knowledge that there is an abundance of counterfeit Apple goods out in the market, however, people tend to trust listings which are sold by Amazon. The items bought by Apple for testing were all marked as “original.” by Amazon.

When Apple contacted Amazon with this issue, it told Cupertino that it sourced most of its chargers from Mobile Star LLC.

Apple has taken pains to point out that counterfeit chargers and cable are not checked for safety issues. They are generally poorly designed, prone to heating and catching fire. Don’t be surprised if you end up getting electrocuted by a fake one.

Apple has asked for an injunction against Mobile Star LLC. Further, they have also demanded that the court seizes all of the fake goods and destroy  them. Apple is also seeking damages.

As for Amazon, it has told 9to5mac that it “has zero tolerance for the sale of counterfeits on [its] site” and that the company “work[s] closely with manufacturers and brands, and pursue wrongdoers aggressively.”


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