BMW’s introduces its futuristic self-balancing motorcycle

The bike sports a neat, sleek yet rugged design. The way BMW has designed the bike without an ever present instrument panel is intriguing as is intelligent.


While autonomous self-driving cars are likely to be the future of public transport, for those who prefer to add more oomph to their means of transportation, BMW’s concept motorcycle, with its daring forward-thinking design could potentially chart a new territory for bikes.

Its Motorrad Vision Next 100 is truly a fitting tribute to its centenary birth celebrations. As you might expect, the motorcycle is smart, so much so that you don’t even have to wear a padded suit or even wear a helmet. The bike keeps itself upright even when you are not perched on top of it. Yes, it is self-balancing.

While it is likely to be a breeze for first timers, who needn’t worry about toppling over, veterans are likely to enjoy the bike while they push it to its limits.

A visual treat, the bike does not even feature an instrument panel. Nope, it’s not a design fault. Designers have removed it since you do not need one, as the data is displayed through a smart visor which shows all information as it becomes … relevant.

So instead of focusing on driving it, you can finally enjoy open air driving and the wind speeding through your hair. BMW has said that this is one of its “zero-emission” offerings. It will probably be an all-electric bike.

Unfortunately, it will be some time before the Vision Next 100 concept can be ridden on the street. It’s not just the technological challenges of a self-balancing bike which is keeping it at bay, it is – regulations. Imagine a scenario wherein you are ejected from your bike, wouldn’t you need a helmet to protect your precious cranium?

It is very likely that regulators will insist on wearing helmets, irrespective of how cumbersome that is today. If only engineers could think up of a system which places the bike’s display on the glass front of the helmet, thereby solving two problems with one stone.


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