Linkedln can now tell recruiters of your job aspirations without alerting your existing boss

With Linkedln feeling the heat from rivals such as Glassdoor and Monster its creative genius is now on display.

Consider this scenario, you are unhappy with the way you are being treated in at work and are looking for greener pastures. However, if you were to openly start looking for another job your current employer will be in the know and your situation at the office is only likely to worsen.

In order to help those facing similar situations, Linkedln has launched a service called Open Candidates, wherein job seekers can signal potentials recruiters that they are looking for an exit route.

As per BusinessInsider, the move was inspired by the sitcom Silicon Valley.

If you have an Linkedln account, you will, if you haven’t already, receive a mail from the site asking you to update your recruitment status. You can then fill in the job titles that you desire, a start data and a few key facts for headhunters.

Relax! Linkedln will not share this recruitment info with the company in which you are currently employed. It will even avoid those who are associated with your company to help you move ahead.

With Linkedln facing competition from the likes of Glassdoor and Monster, its good to see it protect its bread & butter by being so creative. After all, by simplifying the process of potential recruiters meeting job seekers, without alerting existing bosses, Linkedln can stay ahead of its rivals.


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