Samsung Acquires Viv Labs for upping its game in the Assistant market

Like its competitors, Google, Apple and Amazon expect Samsung’s Assistant to be integrated with its products sometime later in 2017.

With Apple, Amazon and now Google having their own Assistants, it is surprising that Samsung has not made it to the party.

To make do for the lost time, the South Korean giant has acquired Viv Labs. This company was founded by the same folks who were behind Apple’s Siri. Viv Labs has referred its versatile Assistant as a platform that is capable of anything.

As per Viv Lab’s Co-founder and CEO Dag Kittlaus’s blog post, “Samsung will drastically accelerate our vision.”

Although Samsung has stated that the ViV Labs team will continue to operate independently, it is however eyeing a tight integration of the virtual assistant which can process natural language into its product basket which includes, VR sets, phones, appliances, TVs, and others.

Kittlaus has described Viv as a computer science breakthrough, capable of creating its own programming. While other virtual assistants are hardcoded, Viv tries to understand what is being said and then responds accordingly.

While demonstrated the technology earlier this year in May he told TechCrunch that Samsung’s ecosystem creates the necessary ubiquity required for Viv to thrive.

Although there’s no word as to when Samsung will let out Viv in our midst, the real question is why is Samsung taking its own sweet time to get to the virtual Assistants party? Is it being fashionably late? Expect Viv on Samsung smartphones in the later half of 2017.


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