Toyota’s latest plug-in hybrid – the Prius Prime

Although the car starts at $27,100, you can avail federal tax credit.

Although Toyota’s latest entry into the plug-in hybrid car market is the Prius Prime, but unlike its name, the car manufacturing company has been nice enough not to charge a heavy premium for it: in the U.S. the Prime will set you back by just $27,100.

Although, this is more than the regular Prius edition, which begins at $24,685, the Prius Prime qualifies for a $4,500 federal tax credit. If you play your cards right, you could end up with the Prius Prime without paying a hefty premium.

Toyota has given not only a sweet price to it, but its mileage has been boosted too, instead of the originally promised 22 miles, the Prime provides 25. Fuel efficiency has also jumped from 120 miles per gallon to 124MPGe.

If these features aren’t enough to snag you, Toyota, has also provided its signature 11.6” touchscreen, (in the base model you get just 7” touchscreen),

Qi-based wireless charging for compatible phones, upgraded seats and remote illuminated entry.

If you are willing to shell out $33,000, you get perks including, heads-up display, heated steering wheel, remote control mobile apps, rear cross traffic alerts and blind spot warnings.

Significantly, all Prius Prime models come with smart safety features such as fatigue warnings, pre-collision detection and lane departure warnings.

Having driven the Prius Prime, the folks at Autoblog state that they certainly liked what they saw and experienced.

This is certainly the best looking Prime to date. If you are unwilling to shell out for what could be the ideal commuter car, the Chevy Volt, do give the Prius Prime a try. You will not be left disappointed.

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