British researchers find a possible cure for HIV

Within the next decade HIV may not pose such a serious threat as it does now.

In the battle to conquer the HIV virus, researchers have typically focused on preventative medicine and ways to suppress it, however, British researchers have however taken Robert Frosts proverbial road less travelled and have inched towards a probable cure.

As part of a trial, a 44 year old social worker appears to have finally kicked the virus out of his body after having gone through an experimental “kick and kill” treatment as part of a trial.

At first the patient was given a weakened infected cells so that the patient’s body can recognize the virus and fight it on its own. The patient was then given Vorinostat in order to activate dormant infected cells that normally don’t get caught. The rest, as they say, is history: it was just a matter of time before the body’s immune system got better and recognizing and zapping HIV.

In theory, the patient is unlikely to catch HIV ever again.

Before you get excited all over, do note that the researchers have stressed that there is still a long way to go: the 44 year old social worker is just 1 of the 50 people who have to finish the trial. He will have to wait for months for a confirmation that the deadly virus is no more in his system.

There’s also the very real possibility that the patient’s other cocktail of medicines are somehow attributing to his clean health.

Even if everything turns out perfect, the tests will have to be carried out for another five years before they can be used widely.

However, despite the mountain load of drudgery ahead, the findings are promising.

If the deadly HIV virus is not smart enough to evolve to the cocktail of drugs, in the future, the virus may not pose as significant a threat as it does now.


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