Volkswagen’s new electric car to have a range of 370 miles (600km)

Volkswagen showed off the I.D. as part of the Paris Motor Show.

Despite the gloom that has been hovering over it, of late, Volkswagen, Europe biggest car manufacturer, has kicked off the Paris Motor Show with its business-as-usual flair.

Its entry to the motor show is the eye catching electric I.D..

The car resembles a futuristic version of the vehicle featured in the move ‘Back to the Future II’. Housing a 125KW motor, the all-electric car has a sizeable range of 370 miles, which is massively impressive. Let us skip the mud-slinging, and hope VW has learnt its lessons to stick to proven facts, rather than play with the truth.

In order to ride these beauties, you will have to have a little more patience since they will become available only in a few years from now.

Expect to pay the same amount as the VW Golf. As per the company the I.D. is the “ambassador” for a whole new line of electric vehicles from its stable.

Once it is launched the I.D. will be the first electric car from carrying the VW brand. Its “Modular Electric Drive Kit” will be the new platform which will distinguish it from the current combustion and hybrid models.

Volkswagen also plans on releasing a self-driving model, but that is likely to be ready only later in 2025.

Despite the I.D. being a little smaller in size than the Golf, VW has stated that it comes with “the generous space of a Passat”.


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