mPort’s 3D body scanners to give you more oomph to your gym-pumped body

The scanners can tell you about fat composition in your body, BMI, and other clues which you can use to boost your physical fitness level and appeal.

Sweating out in the gym and getting pumped can give you the impression of being in shape. That impression is just a feeling, it can’t be measured or quantified unless you step on a scale or bring out calipers.

So as to bring a level of certainty in this area, mPort, an Australian outfit plans on rolling out 3D body scanners in shopping malls and LA Fitness gyms across the U.S., thus enabling you to get a better measure of your level of fitness.

Essentially, these are infrared photo booths which present you a virtual representation of your body mass index and body fat compositions once you step inside them. If you think you are improving your physique, these booths will give you concrete proof to your suppositions.

Currently, the service is free if you just want basic scans after every workout. But in case you want access to advanced data, a nominal subscription fee of $5 a month or $40 a year, will get you just that.

Although the technology will mostly appeal to those who are health conscious however mPort says the data can also be used for shopping purposes. Case in point: the data will be useful if you are looking for clothes that fit you well, or if you are looking for customised clothes.

Furthermore, these 3D scanners will also appeal to those who are self-conscious since they provide the analysis of your body in a private space. There is no need of a trainer beside you.

If you are looking to hit the beaches and ripple your muscles, these machines could definitely help you achieve that. After all, numbers speak louder than approximations.


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