Comcast to launch own WiFi service in mid-2017

Basing itself on its 2011 agreement with Verizon, Comcast is set to launch WiFi services next year.

Although for years we have heard rumours of Comcast intending to wet its toes into the WiFi market, that moment has finally arrived.

Comcast’s CEO, Brian Roberts, has confirmed those rumours at a Goldman Sachs event today. Comcast is scheduled to launch its wireless offerings by mid-2017.  Its services will combine access to hotspots with Verizon service, and is likely to be based on its agreement with Verizon’s 2011 spectrum deal.

Further clarification on the details of the revelation are yet to be provided. However, Roberts has demonstrated Netflix on a Comcast X1 set-top box.

As per Fran Shammo, an executive at Verizon,

”We have an existing MVNO agreement and we were informed that they are going to execute on that agreement and the agreement is the agreement. I am not going to get into whether we’re discussing of revising the agreement or the terms and conditions of that, since it’s under NDNA and we will see how this plays out. Obviously the industry is moving. Cable is going to do what they are going to do and we’re going to do what we’re going to do.

I think that again though what I would say is we truly believe that Wi-Fi is a complementary wireless network if you will with LTE and we don’t believe one replaces the other. Just like when we launched LTE, we said “look it’s not going to replace Wi-Fi, it’s not going to replace broadband into the home.” Similar, Wi-Fi is not going to replace LTE. So, I think that’s where it stands right now, so, I really won’t interject any more around the MVNO.”


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