Proterra’s electric busses costing $799,000 can run 350 miles on a single charge

They are scheduled to be launched in 2017 in Los Angeles.

Proterra a startup which specialises in designing electric busses has come out with a model with which it could shake up the transportation market.

Its latest model from the Catalyst E2 series of buses have an impressive range of 350 miles on a single charge. So that you get a sense of perspective, Tesla’s Top Model S boasts a range of 300 plus miles on a single charge. The Catalyst E2’s predecessor could go only 258 miles, the latest model has surpassed it significantly with 350 miles on a single charge.

The advantage busses have over cars is that they do not need a massive supporting infrastructure of charging stations. Since they drive on a set route, cities can place charging stations in fixed locations and given the E2’s range it would need to be charged only at the end of the day.

Furthermore, busses are targeted at companies and not at regular consumers since not everyone can afford a bus, unlike an electric vehicle, however, everyone can afford a bus ticket.

Inside the Catalyst E2’s busses are two massive mattress-sized batteries that can store up to 660 kWh. Given its regenerative braking system and light frame the bus can travel the impressive distance of 350 miles on a single charge with ease.

The bus however costs a pretty penny, $799,000 to be precise. Its almost twice the cost of a typical diesel bus. However government subsidies could bring down the cost significantly, at least that is what Proterra is hoping for.

In case you want to hop onto one, be sure to check here back here in 2017, when the busses are scheduled to hit the streets of L.A.


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