Get a Cambridge Consultants’ Viewi headset for $25 to detect and monitor open-angled glaucoma in your eyes

In an increasingly digital age, your eyes are an asset. This gadget is a must have for those who want to detect and monitor glaucoma.

With smartphones working like electro-cardiograms, it wasn’t too long before one was used to provide you yet another medical diagnosis, at the comfort of your home.

A company called Cambridge Consultants have come up with a viewing headset that can detect for glaucoma in a wearer’s eyes.

Rather than visit a hospital or go to your optometrist’s to correct your vision, all you can do is simple slide your phone into a head-mounted Gear VR-like holster and follow the instructions that appears on your smartphone.

An accompanying mobile app can reproduce the same flashing light patterns that are used for open-angle glaucoma.

A Bluetooth remote acts as the input device for the wearer, who will have to press it when he sees a flashing light. According to the press release that’s all there is to it.

The procedure takes just 5 minutes of your time per eye, and the resultants are also pretty straight forward. In case you want to share it with your doctor, that’s possible too.

The Cambridge Consultants’ Viewi headset makes monitoring the progress of the dreaded eye disease a much simpler task as opposed to traditional testing methods.

While traditional medical facilities could be more costly, this headset sets you back by just $26.53, a very cost effective price.


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