Boomerang’s machine learning algorithm can help you determine the probability of a response to your e-mails

Available in both Free and Paid versions, the paid version has more advanced features which help you gauge the readability and possible response to your mails.

Did you ever wonder why is it that you do not get a response to every mail that you write? Is it that your recipient is busy? Has your mail succeeded in reaching him? Or is it because you didn’t word your mail well to solicit a response?

So as to ultimately answer these questions, Boomerang has created a Respondable widget which installs right into your browser and can be used within Gmail. Its purpose is to help you craft e-mails with a better response rate. The widget uses machine learning algorithms to assist and help you improve on how to pen your various emails.

Once Boomerang is activated, you will see a new bar in the window in which you are composing your message. The bar will change, in real-time, depending on what you type.

If you were to click on it, you will be offered a menu with suggestions based on the text that you have typed.

In the free version, word count, question count, subject length and reading levels are all available. In the paid version, politeness, positivity and subjectivity measurements are available for those who want more advanced features.

The free version is available for both Outlook and Gmail. Definitely worth checking out.


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