Microsoft solves Surface 3 battery drainage issue with a software fix

It appears that that Surface’s shrinking battery capacity isn’t a hardware issue at all.

Microsoft was absolutely right when it diagnosed the Surface 3’s battery degradation problem as a software issue. It has now ruled out hardware as a cause of for shrinkage battery capacity. It is now working on a patch that will make the Surface 3 tablet act normal again.

Microsoft has reported that the fix will be available once it passes it rigorous testing. So if you were about to replace your battery or any other hardware because of this fault, you may want to hold on to your plans.

However, this news hasn’t placed a smile on every Surface Pro 3 owner’s face. They have complained that not only did they have to pay a steep price of $450 plus, as replacement fees, but now they are learning that they need not have spent the moolah in the first place.

Microsoft’s business strategy has always been very grounded, and if it wants to retain its Surface 3 user base, it would better come up with a compensation policy pretty quick.


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