Lyft pauses operations in the Bay Area

It appears Scoop is the King of the carpooling service in the Bay Area. It’s doing great.

It appears that having learnt a valuable lesson from one of its most recent ventures, Lyft has hit the pause button in its carpooling business: it has learnt that the business is tough to get into. Furthermore its recent launch into the Bay Area is going to be far from being a breeze, it will have to do much more to entice drivers to sign up with it.

Earlier, Lyft had presented the program to the drivers as a way to earn quick money, ranging from $4 to $10 per ride, by just picking up people going in a similar direction.

Plans are notorious for not following schedule: things did not work out and Lyft has told the team behind this offering that they will be shifted to other divisions, while its management picks up the pieces and figure out what and why things didn’t go according to plan.

Although carpooling in the Bay Area has been put on hold, for now, its other carpooling product, Line, is chugging along fine.

“While we think a scheduled carpool feature is the right long-term strategy, it is too soon to scale to a meaningful level where supply matches demand. We learned a lot and will apply it to new and existing projects — like Lyft Line — as we drive our vision forward to solve pain points in commuting.”

In the Bay Area alone, Lyft, was competing with Scoop, a company who specializes in carpools. Scoop is reportedly doing great in that area.

Incidentally, Uber also runs a carpooling service, as Kristen Bill learned much to his surprise.


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